Cell phone hacking is in almost everyone’s ‘secret talent’ wish list.  The good news is, there are genius developers who have our interests in mind, by developing apps that come with DIY manuals. This means that with enough time on your hands, you can take yourself through a tutorial on mobile hacking. If you are a fast learner, you will soon enough be able to list phone hacking as one of your abilities. cSploit is one of those phone hacking apps that you can quickly learn through a tutorial on how to operate it. This is a free open source Android network analysis app which targets IT experts who perform network security assessments on a mobile device.


The cSploit app has a variety of features which include:

  • Mapping your local network
  • Enabling fingerprint hosts’ operating systems and identifying open ports
  • Adding your own hosts outside the local network
  • It allows you to alter your own content such as images, videos or text on unencrypted website pages
  • You can snoop on passwords for Wi-Fi, websites and social media accounts on devices within your network
  • Redirecting traffic to different domains

cSploit app can currently only run on Android devices, but the developers are working on expanding the system to support other mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows). Beware, this app is still under development and it may not be quite stable yet. However, for a start it has a great layout, it is easy to use and the best part of all it is open source.

How does it work?

For you to use the app, you will need to have a rooted Android device. You will also need to download BusyBox, which is a hardware that works together with the app which is also free to install. You will also need to activate your phone to allow the installation from unknown sources. The whole installation process takes about 10 minutes depending on your internet speed. The first thing you will notice once the app starts running is a list of connected devices on the network. Select your device and select what you want to do.

As you embark on your hacking journey, also bear in mind that it is illegal in some locations to access or modify a network system without express permission. So, you have to make sure your hacking activities are within the legal means or you are doing what they call ethical hacking. We do not want you getting into trouble now, do we?

In conclusion, mobile phone hacking is quite easy to do with the cSploit app. It is advisable that as you plan to hack people’s devices, make sure you protect your network too. Use complex passwords for your wireless networks and disable or protect open or unused network ports. That said, cSploit is a good app to play around with and teach yourself a thing or two about hacking. Who knows, soon enough you could be the one offering these tutorials!